Topic search

The Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management offers topics for theses (seminar, bachelor, and master) that are in line with its current fields of research. If you are interested in writing a thesis at our chair, we recommend you first look at our current research for topic inspiration. You may, of course, propose your own ideas as long as they fit into our current research areas.

Alternatively, one of our research assistants could help you find a suitable topic that is in line with his or her current research. You should therefore take a look at our research assistants’ fields of research as well. You are welcome to make an appointment with one of our research assistants to discuss possible topics, or you can directly submit a brief summary (topic and goal of your thesis, initial outline, and used literature).

We are also open to supervise bachelor and master theses conducted in collaboration with a partner from industry. However, they also need to fit our current research areas. In addition, their goals and topic needs to be of sufficient novelty, abstraction, and quality from a research perspective (please do not no submit proposals for mere descriptive “internship reports” as the topic of your thesis).

New topics for seminar theses are published on each April 1 and October 1 on the WISEM page. Proposals for bachelor and master theses are accepted continuously; there are no specific deadlines for applications. However, when planning your writing schedule for your bachelor and master thesis, please take into account that there is an established process for writing and revising a research proposal and for discussing it with your supervisor before it can be formally registered with the “Prüfungsamt.” Depending on the number of required revisions, this process may also take a few weeks.

Thesis writing

We have a steady and intensive exchange of ideas with your supervisor while you are writing your thesis. However, you are responsible for asking advice and guidance. In our regular research colloquium, you are given the chance to present your work, discuss your current results with other students, and obtain constructive feedback. Depending on your thesis’s nature and complexity, we offer close collaboration with our research assistants and our partners from practice.