Research Projects

The Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management collaborates with leading enterprises to create and test innovative management solutions to the challenges of today’s IT management. We have been partnering leading organizations from the automotive, consulting, engineering, banking, consumer, and other industries for more than 10 years, conducting high impact research with measurable and sustainable practical value.

While we adapt our research topics to current developments in practice, the core of what we do is rather stable over time. Currently our focus is on:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain
  • Designing IS for Personal Productivity
  • Data Ecosystems
  • Digital Strategy & Digital Transformation Management (DT)
  • Green IT and Green IS
  • Modern Data Governance Structures
  • Cultural Diversity and its Role for Project Success

In our research, we approach these domains from two directions: Following the design science paradigm, we develop and evaluate artifacts (e.g., process models, methods, tools) for strategic IT/IS management. In parallel, we conduct behavioral research to gain an understanding of the conditions under which these (and other) artifacts are accepted, adopted, and proven successful. We ensure that our research results have a practical and sustainable benefit by cooperating with leading enterprises and institutions.

The spectrum of joint research ranges from single research studies lasting several months to long-term research programs involving several PhD students. We are able to combine innovative research with advisory skills, thus allowing for a fast and value-creating transfer of new knowledge. Our work often includes on-site activities to make science tangible and bridge the gap with practice.