Enterprise Architecture Management

Enterprise Architecture Management

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is a discipline comprising processes, methods, models, and tools to holistically manage an organization's IT infrastructure, information systems, business processes, business models, and business strategy.

Although widely accepted as useful and necessary for a high degree of business-IT alignment, many organizations fail to implement an efficient and effective EAM. In practice, different EAM approaches have emerged independently. However, little is known about the drivers of EAM success and failure, and the reasons why a certain EAM approach is useful for one organization, whereas another is not.

The study focuses on three main research questions:

  • How do organizations undertake EAM? What are the relevant EAM-related capabilities?
  • What (positive and/or negative) impact does EAM have in organizations?
  • What are typical patterns in the context of EAM implementation? How do organizations develop their EAM over time?
  • How can organizations manage large-scale IT landscapes?


2009 - ongoing