News Detail:

 Fri, 01. Sep. 2023   Ahlemann, Frederik

Prof. Frederik Ahlemann and Peder Bergan presented the role of professional education for digital transformation in the public sector

Prof. Dr. Frederik Ahlemann and Peder Bergan chaired a session and held a presentation at the event "Forum Agil in die Zukunft" (Forum Agile into the Future) organized by the Netzwerk Agile Verwaltung (Network for Agile Public Administration). This is a major event related to the digital transformation of the public sector.

Prof. Ahlemann and Peder Bergan held the presentation titled "Rethinking Digital Transformation: Professional Education as a Foundation for Culture Change and Innovation". Thereafter a discussion was held with the many interested participants.

The "Forum Agile into the Future" took place in Bochum on the 14th to 18th of August and covered topics related to agility, digital transformation, new work, change processes and more for the public sector. Over 2200 people took part in 46 sessions over four days.  

Peder Bergan also took part in a series of workshops regarding agility, ideation, and digital innovations in the public sector.