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 Tue, 06. Feb. 2024   Korn, Falco

New radio report on risks of social media for young people with Deutschlandfunk

We are pleased to share Prof. Frederik Ahlemann's recent opportunity to share scientific perspectives on the dangers and safety in social media at the renowned radio station Deutschlandfunk. The radio segment aired live today, on Safer Internet Day.

During the interview, we discussed various aspects including the risks young people face on social media platforms, efforts towards regulation and potential bans on using these platforms, as well as practical advice for parents and guardians based on current scientific research.

For those who missed the interview or wish to learn more about the current state of research, please refer to the following radio segment:

Furthermore, we invite you to explore further discussions and additional content on this important topic in our YouTube video "Social Media für Kinder verbieten? Was ist da los?":